If you watched Monday’s Castle, Season 4, Episode 18: “A Dance With Death,” closely, it’s hard to deny that we saw a very subdued, open, and almost freakishly smiley Kate Beckett.

How cute was our detective darling when she told Castle about her childhood dream of becoming the first female Supreme Court Chief Justice. Only Miss B, right?

Earlier in the episode, the brunette beaut barely batted an eyelash when Castle was engaging in some wild theorizing about Odette’s complicated death, even though his ideas were a little outlandish (per usual). We’re used to Kate chiding Castle — or at the very least rolling her eyes — but Beckett seemed right on board with (or at last willing to listen to) Castle’s crazy ideas.

And that’s not all. She even kept her cool when Castle made a comment about waking up with women’s panties on his head — something we feel like Season 1 Beckett would have not only scoffed at, but also filed in her brain under “reasons NEVER to be with Castle.”

Honestly, it seems like Beckett’s been taking herself less and less seriously lately, and we’re pretty much convinced her hardened walls are slowly coming down.

But, sadly, by now we all know Beckett’s big reveal is upon us, and that could change the dynamic considerably. But for now, we’re def diggin’ Beckett’s vulnerable side!

What do you think, Castle fans? Are Beckett’s walls (finally) crumbling?

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