We’ve been so caught up in Castle and Beckett’s romance and Ryan and Esposito’s bromance, that we almost forgot about Jon Huertas’s blossoming music career.

So if musical stylings from Detective Esposito’s portrayer are what you crave, then you’re in luck! According to Billboard.com, Jon’s first first full-length studio album, "Grown & Sexy Music," is scheduled to be released on June 11. And if a two month wait for the record is just too daunting to think about, then once again, Jon has your back.

“Champion,” the album’s second single was released on April 9 and is “about a guy fighting to get his girl back.” A music video shoot for the newest track is scheduled for this weekend.

Jon promises that "Grown & Sexy Music" is a “mix of club dance tracks and R&B/pop,” but perhaps the most meaningful song for  Castle fans is the album’s first single that was released last November, “Ledge of Love," which is of course based on the love story between Beckett and Castle.

Will you be buying Jon’s album when it drops later this year? Tell us below!  

Source: Billboard.com