Credit: ABC Photo: Nathan Fillion as Joey Buchanan on One Life to Live, 1994-1997

It's the end of an era, TV fans. On Thursday, ABC announced that One Life to Live has been cancelled. The last episode is set to air in September, bringing the beloved daytime soap opera to a close after over four decades on television. All My Children was also given the boot, with it's final episode set to air early next year.

According to Digital Spy, a food-themed talk show called The Chew and a makeover series called The Revolution will fill the empty time slot.

Execs at ABC are calling the change "bittersweet," but Nathan Fillion, who played Joey Buchanan on One Life to Live from 1994-1997, isn't taking the news so lightly. After the announcement, Nathan took to Twitter to share this thoughts. "A moment of silence for a disappearing genre. OLTL & AMC, we'll miss your hard work and talent," he wrote.

We'll miss them too, Nathan, but let's try to look on the bright side: Castle's sticking around for a fourth season, and that's not bittersweet at all. It's just sweet.

Source: Digital Spy

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