Credit: Jerod Harris/ Getty Photo: TRON MySpace Party at Comic Con Welcomes Nathan Fillion
As Nathan Fillion fans know by now, Firefly creator Joss Whedon has been tapped to direct the new big-budget superhero feature The Avengers. Is there any chance that Fillion will join the project for a mini Firefly reunion? Find out below.

"That would be a lovely fantasy," Fillion said recently. "The fact is that I'm on Castle right now, and that's 10 months out of the year. So, unless they're filming for two months, on my months off, there's just no possible way it could logistically be done."

That being said, the actor would love to work with the director again — maybe even to revive his beloved Firefly character Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds.

"I miss him terribly," Fillion said of Mal. "I love that character. I loved how much he would lose. I loved that he was a loser. He kept losing, but it never stopped him. He would fight, knowing he would lose. I love that about him. He wouldn’t stop."

Would you welcome a Firefly reunion?

Source: MTV