Credit: IMDB Photo: Nathan Fillion and Gina Torres in Firefly

Firefly may have been cancelled, but the show that gave Castle’s Nathan Fillion his name is definitely still alive in the hearts of fans. And with Valentine’s Day around the corner, it seems that fans are getting creative with their Firefly fandom.

Writer, comedian, and artist Chelsea Davison showed off her “browncoat” love by creating Firefly Valentine’s Day cards on her Tumblr page. Each illustrated card features a main character, and their common catch-phrase with a V-Day spin. Nathan’s animated Captain Mal card reads “Girl, the only alliance I support is you and me.” How adorkably cute is that!

The cards are seriously charming and will make any Firefly fan smile! Click here to scroll through these funny cards and have a happy “MALentine’s” Day!

Will you send your valentine one of these Firefly-themed Valentine’s Day cards? Tell us below!

Source: Tumblr