Credit: twitter Photo: Jon Huertas Rocks the House at Listening Party on January 26, 2013

The music video for Castle star Jon Huertas’ latest song, “Champion,” was apparently a family affair. The vid, which clocks in at over four minutes long, features Jon’s co-star and pal, Nathan Fillion, who just so happens to also make a funny and adorable reference to our favorite crime procedural.

In the video, Jon plays a down and out fighter who is desperate to get his girl back. He uses that as the motivation to get his life back on track.  

But what about Nathan’s cameo? You can spot Castle’s leading man about 2:35 into the video, as he gets an espresso from Jon’s character. And in a nod to Castle’s favorite couple (no, we’re not talking about Ryan and Esposito!), Nathan’s coffee features a foam-shaped heart much like the ones Castle keeps making in Beckett’s espressos.

See, even Jon Huertas is a hardcore Caskett ‘shipper. Check out the “Champion” music video in its entirety below, and then tell us your thoughts!