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After seeing Castle and Beckett together, the thought of them not being an item is virtually unfathomable. These two belong in each other’s arm and need to do what they have to to keep it that way, right?

Castle and Beckett agreed to keep their relationship a secret for a few reasons, mainly because of the strict precinct policy banning interoffice dating. If a word leaks to Gates that links these two as more than professional partners, its lights out, Caskett.

Their plan works for a total of three minutes, until Castle is asked out on a date by a very attractive reporter on live television, and, to keep up appearances, accepts. This just leads down a slippery slope that leaves Beckett more bothered than hot, when she catches them making out in Castle’s apartment. Plus, non-detective Lanie is fresh on the Caskett scent, which means Ryan and Esposito aren’t far behind.

Stakes are higher than ever as they put their hearts, and jobs, on the line for their own (and our) happiness. So we must ask: Should Caskett continue to keep their relationship a secret? Or should even their close friends and family be included in their twosome inner circle? 

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