Castle cutie Molly Quinn recently voiced the role of protagonist Clary Fray in the audiobooks for fourth and fifth installments of the young adult sci-fi series The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare — but much to our surprise, Molly was skipped over for the role in the upcoming film adaptation of the first book, City of Bones. What gives?

Twenty-three-year-old Lily Collins was cast in the role instead, and while we can't deny her talents — we absolutely adored her in The Blind Side — we can't help but wonder why Molly wasn't handed the part on a silver platter.

According to the author of the series, Clary has red hair, fair skin, and freckles — which is basically Molly in a nutshell. Lily, a natural brunette, had to dye her hair for the part. And it goes without saying that Molly already knows the character inside and out — not only did the 18-year-old actress narrate the role of Clary, but she also loves the series.

"I'm a huge fan," Molly said at Comic-Con back in 2010. "If anyone has not read it, you have to read it!"

What do you guys think? Will Lily make a good Clary Fray, or does this role belong to Molly? Tell us your thoughts below!

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