Credit: ABC Photo: Rick Castle Slices an Onion in Season 4, Episode 2: "Heroes and Villains"

Excited to meet Castle’s pops this season? Well, you might wanna pop a pill and relax a second. Series creator Andrew W. Marlowe told TV Line Richard Castle’s progenitor won’t drop in until at least midseason.

Why the daddy delay? Marlowe says the Castle writers wanted to let the characters tackle the aftereffects of the “explosive season finale” first.

Marlowe explains, “The most important thing to me was be able to get the two characters back to the recognizable fun that people are used to seeing, but hopefully with a little more depth and meaning to all of their exchanges.” Yeah. We guess Beckett’s brush with death does add some profoundness to it all.

Don’t fret, though. Castle writers are still at work plugging in the deets, “but [they] are hoping to play with Castle’s father's mythology” sometime this season. Better late than never!

Source: TV Line