Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Photo: Sam Page Attends Environmental Media Association Awards
Last night’s Castle episode — fittingly titled “Last Call” — gave us a little glimpse into the New York City bar scene (or lack thereof) of yesteryear. It also took us back in time to a little Gossip Girl episode called “Goodbye Columbia”...

It was like the The Twilight Zone last night when Sam Page showed up on our TV screens as Old Haunt bartender Brian Elliot. You may recall that the little cutie-behind-the-bar also played Columbia professor-slash-Juliet’s cousin, Colin Forrester, in four GG episodes earlier this year. You know, the hot one Serena just couldn’t resist?

He’s also popped up in roles on Greek, Desperate Housewives, and Mad Men. And now that he’s reached Castle status, well, he’s obvi made it big time. Too bad we probably won’t be seeing him on our fave show again considering his character showed up only as a possible murder suspect.

Whatevs, we’ll take what we can get (and we can always watch those old eppys of GG to get our fill of Sam!)

Source: IMDb