Ever wondered what it would be like to shack up with everyone's favorite ruggedly handsome mystery writer, Rick Castle? According to Castle actress Stana Katic, the experience was nothing short of "phenomenal" for her character, Detective Kate Beckett.

In tonight's much-anticipated Season 5 premiere, "After the Storm," we'll see Kate as we've never seen her before — in the immediate aftermath of her first real hookup with Castle. And according to this sneak peek of the opening scene, the couple is in complete agreement about just how phenomenal the sex was.

"So you liked it?" Beckett asks, wearing Rick's oversized button down shirt. "Yeah," he responds earnestly.

So what makes their lovemaking so good, aside from four years of pent up sexual tension? In an interview with Zap2It, Stana alludes to Caskett's yearning to explore each other on a deeper, more intellectual level.

"There's so many different kind of layers to lovers," she says. "I think these two really enjoy each other, and enjoy exploring each other, both physically and intellectually."

It's a whole new side to Detective Kate Beckett, and one that Stana is having no trouble embracing. 

"It was very easy," she said about filming the morning-after scene with co-star Nathan Fillion. But keeping their relationship under wraps? That will prove infinitely more difficult.

What do you think of Castle and Beckett finally consummating their relationship? Tell us below!

Source: Zap2ItComcast.net

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