Credit: Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images Photo: Stana Katic Kicks Back at LACOSTE L!VE Party on April 14, 2013

Kate Beckett is a woman all her own, and while it’s abundantly clear that the Castle character is independent and unique in her own way, her portrayer, Stana Katic likened the tough cop to one other very famous leading lady: Lois Lane!

Stana is voicing Lois for the upcoming animated flick, Superman: Unbound, and, according to the Castle star, the two kickass gals are actually quite similar!

“Beckett and Lois Lane have similarities in that they’re both career women, they’re both strong personalities and they both care about their jobs,” she tells MTV.

“Beckett, of course, I think also blends in with Superman in that, in my mind, she’s a little bit of a superhero herself,” Stana continues. “She’s trying to fight to protect victims, or the weak, and Superman does that constantly.”

We’ve never really thought about it before, but Beckett and Lois are a lot alike. Do you see the similarities? Check out a few more videos of our girl talking about Superman: Unbound and then tell us your thoughts below!