Credit: Ron Tom/ ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney Photo: Castle Hard at Work in Castle Season 5, Episode 14 "Reality Star Struck"

It’s getting closer Castle fans! The first installment of the Castle two-part story arc is less than weeks away and the official synopsis has just been released!

Check out the summary for “Target” via ABC below:

“In the first of a two-episode story arc, Castle & Beckett begin a murder investigation that also exposes a plot to kidnap the daughter of a wealthy Middle Eastern businessman. Dylan Walsh (Nip/Tuck) guest stars as FBI Agent Harris, an even-keeled professional brought in to help find the kidnappers.”

This is first of two episodes that takes Castle cast and crew overseas, and through the cities of Europe. How exciting!

Guest Cast: Dylan Walsh as FBI Agent Harris, Bernard White as Anwar El-Masri, Katherine Kamhi as Lina El-Masri, Karen David as Sara El-Masri.

Original Air Date: Castle Season 5, Episode 15: “Target” airs on Feb. 18,2013 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.