Credit: ABC Photo: Castle Talks to a Perp in 3.15 "The Final Nail"

Everyone does stupid stuff when they’re 19. Unfortunately, Damian’s stupid stuff includes hiring a classmate to kill his father at their vacation home in Puerto Rico. Super awk! And tragic. We’re not sure how this case went unsolved for so long. Damian was a prime suspect, and also gave the killer his car, a watch, half a million dollars, and a map. Still, he eluded the police for years. That’s really something.

Anyway, he’s getting in the hottest train on the nostalgia ticket, because we think it’s in keeping with the spirit of the episode. Just like Castle wanted so badly to believe his old friend wasn’t the killer, we too want to believe he could maintain his decent looks and basketball playing abilities behind prison walls. Probably best not to count on him, though.