Credit: Karen Neal/ABC Photo: We Can't Really Tell What Nathan's Doing On Set on Episode 3.17, "Countdown"

Regrets, we’ve had a few. Last week, we gave Motorcycle Man Surgeon Josh this award, mainly as a prize for going away. And then, well, we all know what happened...

It's only fair that we give the hottest title back to the title character. Castle is a cutie even when wrapped in a shapeless blanket looking rejected, and as the elevator doors closed over his sad, sad face in the final scene, we thought “aww” before changing the channel. Throw in his protectiveness over Alexis, Martha, and Beckett, as well as his usual ability to figure anything out, and we can’t think of a better choice.

Need more evidence? Look no further than the I-diffused-the-bomb double finger point of enthusiasm he did in the middle of the street. Silly, cute, and of course, totally appropriate.