Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC Photo: Sneak Peak of Castle Season 3, Episode 18: "One Life To Lose"

If there’s one thing we love about Castle fans, it’s their dedication to the show. If there’s one thing we love about Castle, it’s Castle and Beckett’s nearly-palpable sexual tension.

Combine those two elements above and you end up with a ton of Castle-related fan fiction — and pics, and videos — permeating the interwebz. So, in order to give such much-needed recognition to some very loyal Castle fans creative endeavors — and give you something fun to watch while we sit through this painful hiatus — we compiled a list of some of the most awesome Caskett fan videos of. all. time.

Did your favorite make the cut? Check ‘em out below.

6. Cofkett

Forget Caskett. Meet Cofkett.

5. Top 5 Castle Melty Moments

Swoon alert!

4. Woah

If you can get past the obnoxious song … well, you should.

3. Castle “I Love You”

Kleenex-worthy. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

2. Whatcha Say?

Once again, some adorb Caskett moments set to a heartwarming song.

1. Can’t Touch This

Just for fun. Seriously, though. This is good.

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