Credit: Karen Neal/ABC Television Group (c) 2010 Disney Photo: Castle Covers a Gasp in Season 3, Episode 10: “Last Call”
Well, let’s just say it has nothing to do with a post-holiday tryptophan overdose.

Actually, Castle isn’t on tonight because ABC is airing the second episode of a new show, Skating with the Stars, giving it an entire two-hour slot. We know it’s a long wait 'til Castle returns on December 6, but in the meantime check out these sneak peek pics.

So, what’s this Skating with the Stars show all about anyway? It’s based on the UK’s Dancing on Ice and has a lot in common with Dancing with the Stars, including its judging structure. But (thankfully) without Bristol Palin. Or any other Palin, for that matter. (You can meet the rest of the cast here.)

Honestly, we’d rather see Richard Castle and Kate Beckett solve crimes together with such high sexual tension it’s practically visible, but watching post-baby Bethenny Frankel squeeze herself into a figure skater’s outfit is probably a close second. And in a perfect world, we’d have both.

Regardless, we’ll just have to survive on DVR’d eppys ‘til December 6, when the series will continue with Episode 3.10, “Last Call.”