Jon Huertas

Castle character: Detective Javier Esposito
Full name: Jon Huertas
Date of birth: October 23 (year not available — is Jon in his 40s or something?)
Hometown: New York, New York
Currently residing in: Venice, California
Education: John Handley High School
Twitter: Jon_Huertas
Bet you didn't know... Jon's Air Force duty landed him in Iraq during Desert Storm.

Jon Huertas plays Detective Javier Esposito on Castle, but the more interesting thing about this New York native is that he's also a U.S. Air Force Veteran. Huertas served in the military for 8 years before becoming a professional actor in 1993. He appeared in the critically acclaimed miniseries Generation Kill, and can also be seen in films such as The Insatiable, Why Do Fools Fall In Love?, The Objective, Believers, Bug, and Executive Decision. He also writes and performs his own music, so needless to say, the guy's got a few things going for him.

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