Flashback Video: Stana Katic in "The Spirit"

Credit: YouTube

Back in 2008, Stana Katic appeared in The Spirit, a superhero noir. (Sidebar: Don't you feel like Nathan Fillion must love that she was in this?) She plays a rookie cop named Morgenstern, "fresh from Ball'imor." Her accent is, well, it's just about perfect. But before you think, "Oh, a cop! Like Beckett!" Morgenstern is so painfully eager to please and walks like her feet aren't completely touching the ground. It's actually pretty funny. She also has a bob, and Beckett doesn't have one of those.

Stana also got to work alongside the dad from The Wonder Years in this flick. At one point his character says, "Damn, this girl's gonna make detective in no time." Awesome.

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