Cat Deeley Dishes on Her New Marriage and — Yes — Babies: Exclusive
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Cat Deeley Dishes on Her New Marriage and — Yes — Babies: Exclusive

We’re not shy about the fact that we have major girl crushes on So You Think You Can Dance host Cat Deeley. If it were up to us, she’d host everything on television. Also, in this dream world, she’d be our best friend and let us borrow her clothes all the time (because obviously in this dream world we’d also have her amazing model figure).

While we’re always blown away by Cat’s fashions and accessories, since her engagement and marriage to fellow television presenter Patrick Kielty, nothing she wears is more stunning than her left-hand bling. Wetpaint Entertainment recently caught up with our favorite reality host to talk to her about that sparkler, as well as the cutie who gave it to her and whether they see a baby in their future!

Does your wedding ring weigh you down in the trouble department?

It slowed me up a lot. Actually . . . stood to a standstill. It kind of has. When Ray LaMontagne was singing about “Trouble,” all he needed to do was do something like that. My husband did a good job, didn't he? The engagement ring is really plain, and that's my wedding band, but it's really plain and simple. And I love the fact that I can put all these things with it when I want to. I just love how simple it is. He did a really great job.

So it wasn't a group project? He actually picked it out?

It was an “on his own” project. It could have gone disastrously wrong, but there was definitely no saying, "I'll think about it." When you hand over something like that, it's such an easy ploy. To all men out there, please make noble gestures. Please do extravagant, lovely, really romantic things – sometimes with your head on the chopping block. You don't know if it's going to go right or wrong. Women love that. And do a really great ring because then she's not going to say no.

How did you know he was the one?

He came over for my birthday. We weren't together. We'd always just been friends, and he came over for my birthday. He said to me the day before, "What are you doing for your birthday?" And I said, "Well, we're going to the Beverly Hills Hotel. We're just going to have a late brunch and listen to a bit of jazz." And he said, "Okay, what time are you going to be there?" And I said, "2," and he said, "Right. I'll meet you there." It was the day before, and he was in Ireland. So he flew from Ireland to London, from London to LA, and then dropped his bag at the concierge at the Beverly Hills Hotel. And that was it, because it's such an amazing gesture. It's so extravagant and romantic. No one does that anymore.

But it also leaves no room for confusion because if he's just your friend, he's not going to fly from Ireland to Beverly Hills?

No. But, I said to him, "What if it had gone wrong?" And he said, "It wouldn't have gone wrong. We would have had a lovely time. You're my mate anyway, and we would have known one way or the other. So, no, it wouldn't have gone wrong. I'm fine with it." If I ever had a little boy, I would train him to do those things because it works on women. It does.

Are you thinking babies?

At some stage, but right now, I've got ten seasons of babies that they all need looking after and doing stuff for.

Reporting by Carita Rizzo