Catching Fire’s Sam Claflin Shares His Favorite Apps!
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Catching Fire’s Sam Claflin Shares His Favorite Apps!

Now that we’ve seen (and loved) Catching Fire, we’re forced to wait until November 2014 to get our next fix of Sam Claflin in the dashing role of Finnick. In the meantime, however, we’ll take any news we can get on the sexy Brit. Lucky for us, we just got some! Sam recently shared the apps he uses the most on his iPhone and iPad. Read on!

Hands down, he says his favorite app is Couple. “It allows you to pair your phone with another and between the two of you, you can call, share pictures and text. It lets me stay in touch without having to sieve through all my other contacts.” Now this is just an educated guess on our part, but we’re thinking the person on the other end of the app is mostly likely Sam’s new wife, actress Laura Haddock!

When it comes to keeping up with his Catching Fire physique he has two faves: RunKeeper and Fitness Pro. The former’s a running aid uses to track routes and compete against yourself, while the latter is a “like a pocket personal trainer,” says Sam.

When he needs to get around his London hometown? “London Tube Deluxe to keep me on top of tube times and Hailo for when I need to take a taxi.”

And although the thought of Sam alone and bored makes us crazy sad, he relies on the app Solitaire. Explains Sam, “it passes the time.”


12.18.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Beth Sobol
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