Catelynn Lowell Prepares to Get Pregnant and Gives up Cigarettes!
Credit: Catelynn Lowell on Instagram    
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Teen Mom

Catelynn Lowell Prepares to Get Pregnant and Gives up Cigarettes!

Have you heard the amazing news from Teen Mom Land? Everyone's favorite lovebirds, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra, are trying for baby number two! These crazy kids have been together for an entire decade (they met in middle school music class), and when they were just sixteen, they placed their first child up for adoption. Four years later, Cate and Ty are finally ready to be parents, and they're officially off birth control!

Now that she's preparing her ovaries for a baby takeover, Catelynn is all about being as healthy as she possibly can — and you know what that means. It's high time that this gorgeous gal gives up cigarettes.

Catelynn's been a smoker for as long as we can remember, but it looks like she's ready to say goodbye to her vice once and for all — with the help of candy, naturally.

"Oh you know just trying to quit smoking," Catelynn posted to Instagram along with a photo of Jolly Rancher lollipops. "No more nasty cigs."

Way to go, girl! We're thrilled that this reality star is taking her health so seriously now that she's about to be pregnant again, and it looks like she's getting some help from an iPhone app that keeps track of her achievements. In fact, Catelynn's already saved 60 minutes of her life as a result of not smoking 10 cigarettes!

Giving up smoking is no easy feat (just ask Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans), so hopefully this gal will be able to nix the habit completely before getting pregnant!

Are you impressed with Catelynn's perseverance?

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