Catelynn Lowell Shares Middle School Flashback Pic (PHOTO)
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Teen Mom

Catelynn Lowell Shares Middle School Flashback Pic (PHOTO)

Ah, middle school. A tragic time where we wore butterfly clips in our hair and JNCO jeans on our legs. Even the best of us looked slightly insane in our formative years, and Teen Mom's Catelynn Lowell is no exception. This gorgeous girl took it to Instagram to share a throwback photo of herself in middle school, and it's basically the most amazing thing ever.

Catelynn Lowell Shares Middle School Flashback Pic (PHOTO)
Credit: Instagram    

Behold, Catelynn posing with a bunch of her besties, rocking middle-parted platinum blonde hair and adorable giant teeth. We love it! "This picture takes me way back," Catelynn posted toInstagram. "It's from middle school and yes I'm the girl on the right with the blonde hair!"

In case you'd forgotten, middle school was a hugely important time for Catelynn. She met the love of her life, Tyler Baltierra, in seventh grade, and they've been lucky in love ever since. Tyler and Catelynn locked lips after he transferred schools and joined the same music class as his future fiance, and he's on the record as saying, "I have loved her since the moment I saw her. Her punk rocker hair and attitude matched perfectly for my edgy, hyper personality. I asked her why she fell in love with me and I quote 'you could always make me laugh.'"

Umm, excuse us while we faceplant into a puddle of our own tears. These two are the cutest couple in the history of everything, and it's no wonder that Tyler fell for Catelynn. Judging from this picture she was a total catch! Not everyone can rock white-blonde hair, guys. You know, other than Eminem and Lance Bass.

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