Catelynn Lowell’s Mom April Confirms Catelynn’s Pregnant — Is She Telling the Truth?
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Catelynn Lowell’s Mom April Confirms Catelynn’s Pregnant — Is She Telling the Truth?

Teen Mom land is about to get a little bigger! In case you haven’t heard, Catelynn Lowell and her leading man of a decade, Tyler Baltierra, have been trying for baby number two for a few weeks now. Although the couple hasn’t addressed the recent pregnancy rumors just yet, it turns out, Catelynn’s mother, April Stotts, beat them to it!

In an exclusive interview with US Weekly, April says that Catelynn, "called to ask me about a pregnancy test and if I thought she was pregnant," she recounts. "So I made her send me a picture and I told her, 'I believe you are, you should go get a couple more and take a couple more.'"

April added, “[Catelynn] was crying when she knew for sure and so I was like, 'Are you happy? Are you upset?' And she was like ‘I’m happy!’” The grandmother-to-be went on to say that Catelynn, 22, is beyond ecstatic with her second pregnancy, especially since she knows “she’s keeping the baby.”

If you recall, Cate unexpectedly got pregnant at the tender age of 16 with the couple’s first child, Carly, and made the courageous decision to put her up for adoption. Yet, despite having an “open adoption” with Carly’s parents, Brandon and Teresa, these Teen Mom stars miss their daughter and want another shot at parenthood.

“I was too young when I got pregnant with Carly — I was sad and scared,” Catelynn explained back in April. “Now [we’re] finally financially stable and still in love after 10 years together. We’ve learned from what our parents did wrong. Tyler and I own our own home, have two cars, and actually have money to support a kid.”

But, before we stock up on cigars and start knitting baby booties, we have to ask, can we actually believe April? In case you forgot, Catelynn’s mom once lied about Catelynn being pregnant with baby No. 2 back in 2012.

April took the lie pretty far, too — arranging for a “friend” of the family named Jamie— whom Catelynn had never heard of — to do an interview with In Touch, and even fabricating physician documentation of Cate’s pregnancy. “We feel violated,” Tyler said at the time. “I’m shocked that she would go to this length. It just crosses the line.”

Given April’s past web of lies, we’re going to hold on tight until Catelynn and Tyler themselves confirm the happy news.

Till then, do you believe April? Tell us your thoughts and concerns in the comments below!

Source: US Weekly