Pregnant Catelynn Lowell Shares an Audio of Her Baby’s Heartbeat! (VIDEO)
Credit: Catelynn Lowell on Instagram    

Teen Mom

Pregnant Catelynn Lowell Shares an Audio of Her Baby’s Heartbeat! (VIDEO)

Please prepare yourselves for an emotional bout of ugly-sobbing, because Catelynn Lowell's Instagram feed is once again pandering to our feels.

This Teen Mom star is around six-months pregnant with her second child (a baby girl!), and she's all about sharing the intimate deets of her gestation.

Not only has Catelynn shown fans footage of her gender reveal party (complete with a piñata!), she's also shared sweet ultrasound pictures and baby bump snapshots. But now, girlfriend is taking it one step further with audio of her baby girl’s heartbeat. OMG!

"My baby girl," Cate posted to Instagram on August 27 along with a video from her latest OBGYN appointment. "Listen careful and you can hear her heart beat!!"

The miracle of life, guys!! Hearing this baby's heartbeat is truly amazing, and we can only imagine how Cate and her fiancé, resident Batman fanboy Tyler Baltierra, must be feeling right now.

These two famously chose to place their first daughter, Carly, up for an open adoption during MTV's 16 and Pregnant, so obviously this second pregnancy is an emotionally charged experience!

Did you tear up upon hearing the baby's heartbeat? Tell us below — unless you're too busy watching this video on repeat.