Catelynn Lowell Opens Up About Battle with Depression: “I Felt Better Off Dead”
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Catelynn Lowell Opens Up About Battle with Depression: “I Felt Better Off Dead”

Shortly after Robin Williams's tragic suicide, Teen Mom's Catelynn Lowell took to Instagram with an alarming message about her own battle with depression. "It's not a joke I struggle with depression/anxiety on the daily!" she posted. "We are not alone... there is help out in the world! #listentoeachother."

Catelynn's revelation shocked Teen Mom fans, and she's since opened up about her struggles. "My depression and anxiety were so severe,” Catelynn tells In Touch, “I didn’t want to live another day.”

This reality star (who's currently pregnant with her second daughter!) says that she started having intense panic and anxiety attacks at night, which ultimately led to her depressive thoughts. “I couldn’t stop crying," Cate reveals. "I felt I’d be better off dead. I needed help.”

Luckily, Catelynn's fiancé, Tyler Baltierra, called a doctor. “Tyler has battled depression and knows what it looks like, so he made my first appointment,” she explains. “I’ve been taking my meds and talking to someone regularly, and it’s gotten easier."

Catelynn was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety, and prescribed both Zoloft and Abilify. She doesn't currently take Abilify due to her pregnancy, but she’s feeling like her old self thanks to a combination of meds and counseling.

Hopefully, stories like Catelynn's will continue to be spoken about in the media so people with depression don't suffer in silence.

Source: In Touch