Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra Defend Their Decision to Have a Baby: “Haters Gonna Hate”
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Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra Defend Their Decision to Have a Baby: “Haters Gonna Hate”

Have you heard the exciting news about Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra? Four years after placing their daughter, Carly, up for adoption with Brandon and Teresa Davis, this Teen Mom couple are finally ready to have another baby! Catelynn recently explained their decision to In Touch saying, “I would’ve felt guilty if I got pregnant again when Carly was 1 or 2. But we’ve both been yearning for this. We’re ready to have a baby!”

Now seems like a great time for Catelynn and Tyler to start their family: they're financially stable, own their home, and have a good amount of money saved up to support their kiddo. However, many fans are questioning this happy couple's decision to procreate, and some seem to think that they're being irresponsible. (Note: Tyler and Catelynn aren't married, but they have been together for 10 years — which is longer than some marriages!)

So, what do Cate and Ty have to say to their haters? So much, guys. So, so much.

"Yeah I want a baby, so what!? I have been through enough in my life to understand the wisdom it takes to make this decision #BackOff #IDGAF," Tyler tweeted, along with a series of hashtags including, " #JudgeMe #HateMe #LoveMe #DoesntMatter #MyTurnNow."

Sounds like Tyler has approximately no effs to give when it comes to the naysayers. As for Catelynn, she also went to Twitter to address fans directly by saying, "I am an adult and I can tell when I'm ready and idc what ANYONE says I'm gonna do me! We ARE READY for a baby. #HatersGonnaHate.”

Well, that settles that! Catelynn and Tyler clearly aren't going to change their minds about having a baby, and why should they? These lovebirds are going to be amazing parents — after all, they're already amazing birth parents to Carly!

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