Teen Mom Stars Reportedly Getting a Divorce!
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Teen Mom Stars Reportedly Getting a Divorce!

The time has come to eat your emotions and braid your mullet in Butch Baltierra's honor. Why, you ask? Because this frequent jailbird and his wife, April, are getting a divorce. We know, we know. Tears dripping down your face.

Butch and April met after their kids, Teen Mom's Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra started dating in middle school. As Catelynn and Tyler fell in love, Butch and Apil also fell in love and decided to get married — making Cate and Ty stepsiblings. Awkward!

Sadly, April and Butch's relationship wasn't without its problems. Butch was arrested for domestic abuse and pleaded not guilty, but the incident caused April to file for divorce after taking it to Facebook to write "darl lynn baltierra is a wife beater put that on tv bit6ches." Good times.

April dropped the charges as of January 2012 and got back together with our grifter muse, but The Ashley's Reality Roundup reports that they are once again dunzo! The Ashley's sources say that April has decided to file for divorce from Butch — who's been in jail for over a year. Apparently, these two never speak anymore, which is causing our hearts to break into a million pieces. The Ashley also reports that Butch almost filed for divorce from April last year, and was even reading up about the process at the prison's library (yes, Butch can read!).

Tragically, this means April might remove her tattoo of Butch, which features a stick figure with a mullet. Do with that information what you will.

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Source: The Ashley