Catelynn Lowell Wants Four Kids With Tyler Baltierra
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Catelynn Lowell Wants Four Kids With Tyler Baltierra

Teen Mom's Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra may have postponed their wedding, but these crazy kids are more committed to each other than ever. In fact, they've already decided how many kids they want! During a recent #AskCatelynn sesh on Twitter, our girl told fans all about her future plans with her hubby-to-be.

"I want 4 :)" Catelynn wrote to a curious follower, telling another that she wants kids "only with Tyler."

Although most fans kept things positive, a few couldn't help but unleash the hate. When one implied that Catelynn doesn't deserve children after placing Carly for adoption, she kept her cool and responded politely.

"I deserve every child that I ill receive when I'm older," she replied, standing her ground.

You tell 'em, Catelynn!

As both Cate and Ty have explained time and time again, their decision to place Carly wasn't an easy one, but in the end they made the best choice given their set of very difficult circumstances. Thankfully Catelynn and Tyler get to see their daughter, now 4, once a year per their open adoption agreement. Additionally, they receive frequent updates and photos from Carly's adoptive family.

We applaud Catelynn not only for standing up to the haters, but for staying so positive about her future. She deserves all the children she wants, and we can't wait to see the happy couple have a family of their own one day.

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