Tyler Baltierra Can’t Stop Thinking About … Sex?!
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Teen Mom

Tyler Baltierra Can’t Stop Thinking About … Sex?!

Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell have been dating for almost a decade, but they still have chemistry up the wazoo. These Teen Mom superstars started getting physical at the tender age of 16, and their unexpected pregnancy and the drama that followed definitely didn't get in the way of their love. Catelynn and Tyler have stuck by each other through thick and thin, and apparently they still enjoy getting frisky. At least according to Tyler's recent over-share on Twitter.

Tyler retweeted a quote from Sex Facts of Life that reads, "Be honest, sex is always on your mind,” and tagged Catelynn, adding "See we're not the only ones."

Um, thanks for sharing that with your thousands of Twitter followers, Tyler! We were really worried that you spent all day thinking about Batman and what color to paint your bathroom walls, and now we can finally sleep easy.

In other news, Catelynn and Tyler are an inspiration for all couples in long-term relationships. Many people let the flame burn out (especially after having kids!), but not these two. They love each other more than ever, and apparently they can't stop thinking about doing the deed!

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