Catelynn Lowell Blindsided When Tyler Baltierra Called Off Their Wedding
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Catelynn Lowell Blindsided When Tyler Baltierra Called Off Their Wedding

It's a well-established fact that Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are the cutest Teen Mom couple ever, but even these two have their problems. Catelynn and Tyler have been dating since middle school (it was love at first sight!), and they got engaged shortly after placing their daughter, Carly, for adoption. Despite a few ups and downs, Cate and Ty planned to get hitched on July 13 — a few days before their 9-year anniversary!

Unfortunately, this happy couple called off their Renaissance-themed wedding (um, amazing) while filming VH1's Couples Therapy because Tyler just wasn't ready to commit. Catelynn's reaction? Not good, guys.

“She was floored. She didn’t see it coming,” Couples Therapy counselor Dr. Jenn Berman tells In Touch.

Poor Catelynn! However, despite the fact that this girl is heartbroken, she and Tyler are still living together — and they're head-over-heels in love.

“I don’t view it as a setback,” Dr. Berman says. “To get married before you are ready is disastrous. By calling off the wedding for now, they are giving themselves a chance for a long and healthy relationship.”

It's no secret that Tyler and Catelynn have a few trust issues stemming from Catelynn cheating on Tyler a few years back.

“Tyler just isn’t ready for marriage,” Dr. Berman continues. “He was so afraid of hurting Catelynn’s feelings that he hadn’t been honest with her.”

The good news? Tyler and Catelynn are finally on the same page — and who knows? Maybe they'll reschedule their wedding for next year! The bad news? We have to wait even longer to see Tyler walk down the aisle as a medieval knight in shining armor.

Source: In Touch