Catelynn Lowell Addresses Tyler Baltierra Cheating Rumors: \
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Catelynn Lowell

Catelynn Lowell Addresses Tyler Baltierra Cheating Rumors: “People Are Nuts” (UPDATE)


UPDATE (2/22/17 at 10:45 a.m. ET):

As if Catelynn Lowell's and Tyler Baltierra's sarcastic responses to the cheating rumors weren't amazing enough, the Teen Mom OG star is now refuting them even more.

The mom of Novalee, 2, has released a statement acknowledging the chatter that her husband cheated on her and she's basically just LOLing in all the haters' faces.


“People are nuts,” Cate told Real Mr. Housewife of those perpetuating the rumors. “People will believe what they want.”

“All I know is I’m happy as hell at night with my husband and my daughter."

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You tell 'em, girl! Read on for the deets on how this TMOG gossip got started in the first place, and the couple's real AF reactions.

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Original story (2/13/17 at 11:53 a.m. ET):

If you’re a Teen Mom cast member who’s in a happy relationship, it’s basically a rite of passage that you have to deal with cheating rumors once every few months.

The latest cheating allegations are surrounding OG fan favorite Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra. But is there actually truth to the hearsay this time?


It all began when Tyler retweeted a screenshot of a Teen Mom blind item, which insisted the MTV producers have “turned a blind eye” to a cast member’s cheating because it goes against the storyline of the show.

Instead of letting it ruminate, Tyler hopped on Twitter to share the truth behind the rumor.

“Trust me, they would LOVE if that was true,” Tyler tweeted on February 12 along with crying laughing emojis.

But the amazing retort didn’t stop there.

Wife Catelynn got in on the joke as well, sarcastically tweeting that her husband is “busted” for cheating (note her emoji of choice, too).

And there was more!

Ty kept it going, saying he couldn’t help it because “it was dark and I was drunk” before Catelynn responded with a GIF calling him a “whore.”


Seriously, could we possibly love these two any more?!

Novalee’s mama then posted a selfie of herself and her stunning new pink hair, telling the haters to “f—k off.” Well, that’s that!

Much love and a big #Fuckoff to the haters but sooo much love for my lovers!!

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Sure, the couple of over a decade has admitted to overcoming obstacles in their relationship.

Most recently, they were candid about the “tension” in their marriage that stemmed from Cate’s postpartum depression and anxiety.


But we love that these two can laugh at themselves, and most importantly, are still going strong.