Caterina Scorsone Joining Grey’s Anatomy — 5 Possible Amelia Storylines
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Grey's Anatomy

Caterina Scorsone Joining Grey’s Anatomy — 5 Possible Amelia Storylines

As far as Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 news goes, we’ve hit the jackpot: Private Practice star — and sister to our very own Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) — Caterina Scorsone has joined the cast as a series regular for the upcoming season! We had our fingers crossed after Amelia’s return that she’d become a regular fixture on Grey’s, and so did Caterina, so it sounds like everyone got their wish.

And now that we know Amelia’s sticking around for good, we can only assume she’ll be moving to Seattle full-time… and a lot of potentially awesome scenes and storylines can come from that. Time to stretch those acting muscles, Caterina — because we’ve already made a list of what we want to see Amelia tackling on-screen.

Amelia dealing with her fiance, James, and his reaction to her move to Seattle: It should be safe to assume that Amelia’s uncertainty about marrying James and settling down to have a family will lead to her breaking off their engagement. Does this mean we can expect a guest spot from Matt Long? Maybe!

Amelia in the middle of the fight with Derek and Meredith: Things are a little rough in the McDreamhouse right now. Derek is really, really bad at keeping promises, and Meredith isn’t happy that he’s (yet again) put her career on the back burner in favor of making medical history with POTUS. Will Amelia have to intervene? This could give us some cute (and probably also funny) scenes.

Amelia babysitting Zola and Bailey: If Meredith does stay in Seattle, Amelia will probably be tapped to help pick up the slack at home, especially if Derek’s in D.C. And we welcome any and all opportunities for the little ones to make an appearance. They’re so cute!

Amelia getting a permanent position at Grey Sloan — and everything that comes with it: Because we all know, as soon as someone enters the doors of that hospital, all kinds of things start to happen. Relationships with good looking doctors, unimaginable tragedy… and Amelia’s putting herself in the middle of it all. Good luck, girlfriend.

What storylines are you hoping Amelia gets to explore on Grey’s next season? Give us your wish list in the comments below!