Catfight Coverage for The Bachelor Season 15, Episode 2
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The Bachelor

Catfight Coverage for The Bachelor Season 15, Episode 2

The Bachelor may (or may not) find love at the end of the season, but there will definitely be catfights along the way. Here are our top five catty moments from the uber-bitchy second episode of The Bachelor Season 15:

5. Do the Ashleys come as a package deal? And we thought Jackie was the nice one!

Ashley Spivey:
It was hard to watch the other Ashley get the date card. I mean obviously if I get the first impression rose and she gets the first date, he likes us. I just hope he likes me more.
Jackie Gordon [on Ashley H.]: She's adorable and we love her, but we don't want her to come home.

4. This is where Chantal "The Slapper" O'Brien should jump in and slap the heck out of everybody.

Stacey Queripel:
[during the Red Cross PSA]: I see the way you look at him. You're just a servant girl.
Emily Maynard: You treat him like basura. He loves me.
Stacey: Stay away from my man. [Slap!]
Emily: I'm not afraid of you anymore! [Slap!]
[Melissa jumps in for a take to steal a kiss from Brad.]
Melissa Schreiber: Both of you stay away from him, he's mine!

Shawntel Newton:
Melissa's acting a little weird today.
Meghan Merritt: All of us were just like, is she serious?
Alli Travis: I think he was really scared.
Raichel Goodyear: Melissa, she's kind of losing it. [...] Obviously, she can't handle the heat. Let's get her out of the kitchen.

3. Happy freakin' birthday to drama diva Michelle

Sarah: Michelle's annoying. I don't like her attitude.
Lindsay: She definitely has got some strategy going on. Like, I think she likes to have the upper hand. I think she likes to be in control of the situation. [...] I really don't have Michelle figured out yet. I feel like some moments she's being super sweet to everybody and other moments she's being a diva. [...] I mean, you can't expect special treatment just because it's your birthday.
Melissa: Michelle just walked off set and I'm sitting there like, what the hell just happened? We're helping people decide whether or not people want to donate blood and it's so important. Like, really, because today is the 30th birthday. It's like, so the drama begins.
Chantal: I just feel like she is creating a scene. [...] Michelle's the type of girl that knows how to get attention from a guy. She definitely seems like somebody that is used to having everything be about her. And I think that she probably usually gets what she wants.
Kimberly: I think Michelle was trying to make a point. It's her birthday and she can cry if she wants to.

Michelle Money:
Every girl he kisses after he kisses me is just going to be one huge disappointment. Poor girls.

2. Fake! Childish! 21-Year-old! Beyatch!

Marissa May [to Melissa during the group date]: Did you tell him you were wanting to leave if you didn't get that one-on-one time?
Melissa: Um, no. It doesn't have to be said in those words.
Marissa: If you're being completely honest, why wouldn't you tell him that...
Melissa: Can you, like, let me talk for two seconds without interrupting me? I'm just curious. Can you?
Raichel: I think, I'm not usually this girl, which is fun for me...
Melissa [to Raichel]: You are being so fake. So don't sit here and tell me that you're trying to act like a perfect person. Honestly, it's seriously childish. And if I want to put it in my own words...
Raichel: I know what that's called! I know what that's called! I know what that's called! Lying by omission.

Other girl 1: Are they being funny or are they not?
Other girl 2: No, they're actually fighting.

Raichel: What I think is happening is, you know that I love you with all of your eccentricities...
Melissa: You act like a 21-year-old. Seriously, I'm a 31-year-old talking to a 21-year-old. You're being very, very abrasive. You need to understand when other people are talking, they don't have to use the same exact words you're using in your 21-year-old language. I am 32-years-old almost. You are acting like a child right now. You are.
Raichel: I'm generally the one that's like the "beyatch." Lucky for me, there's girls like you.

Chantal: Raichel and Melissa have it out for each other. They're forgetting about why we came here in the first place. ... At the end of the day, I'm totally okay with Raichel and Melissa duking it out. The sooner they kill each other off, the easier it's gonna be for me to end up with Brad.

1. Psycho! Toxic disease! Tears!

Raichel [to Ashley S.]: I need somebody to talk to me right now. I'm gonna f--king punch Melissa in the face. And I never thought I would be this girl. I'm here to fall in love. she like came up and was like, she's hyper tonight. ... The second she walks up I'm like "Excuse me, I don't even want to be associated with you. You are like a toxic disease to me in this journey."

Melissa [to Ashley, about Raichel]:
She was attacking me. She is psycho.

Melissa [to Madison]: I've been being attacked for a week straight. I'm so tired of it. It's so frustrating. And I never cry! ... She keeps attacking me and I don't know why. Everything I say, she dissects it. Why are you hyper? But you're OCD? But you're this, but you're that? Why does she have to dissect everything I say and be such a bitch? Is she that jealous? I don't understand it.

Raichel: Jesus loves me and that is why I will stay and she will go. 'Cause the lord knows better.

Melissa [to Brad]: ... There's one girl that's been targeting me, basically.
Brad: Let's hear it. Who is it?
Melissa: It's Raichel. And I feel like she's sucking the life out of me, she's such an energy suck. ... From the day that I got here, Raichel has been literally pulling the positive energy out of me. She's draining me.

Raichel [to Brad]: I've been having a little bit of technical difficulty with Melissa. It's definitely been taking a toll on myself. She's definitely been popping up everywhere I go...

Raichel [to Marissa and Sarah]: I really certainly hope that Melissa should go home. And here's why: 'Cause she's not being authentic and she's not being real. And tonight she definitely was not true to who she was. So that's why I hope that she goes home. Because she blatantly lied.

Melissa [to Ali and Roberto]: I am that girl in the house that's just been targeted this week. It got so bad tonight with Raichel. Honestly, if it weren't for that man sitting right there, I would go home so fast.

Chantal [to Ali and Roberto, about Melissa, after giving a thumbs down to Raichel]: I don't really care if she says one thing and does another, but I feel like she has a very hard time separating herself from the drama she's kind of going around and just creating around herself. And I feel like it's a destructive presence to have in the house.

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