What Does Catfish Host Nev Schulman Say He Regrets Every Day? You’ll Never Guess!
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What Does Catfish Host Nev Schulman Say He Regrets Every Day? You’ll Never Guess!

Nev Schulman is best known as the host of MTV’s hit series Catfish, but long before he was sleuthing on camera, he was just another 17-year-old kid making questionable life decisions. One such decision led to something Nev says he regrets every day — especially when he looks in the mirror.

Fans of Catfish, the 2010 documentary film that exposed the online catfishing phenomenon, may remember a scene in which a hapless Nev accidentally reveals his lower back tattoo. Yes, Nev has a lower back tattoo. Perhaps even more cliche, it’s a tribal tat. It’s OK, Nev. You’re not the only one who victim to the tribal ink’s appeal in the ‘90s. Back in October 2010, Nev tweeted: “When I was 17 I got a tattoo on my lower back. I regret it everyday. #champstamp”

Wetpaint teamed up with Viggle for an exciting round of Viggle LIVE! to see how many Catfish viewers knew about Nev’s dirty little secret, and the results were split. A little over 50 percent of Vigglers knew that it was his “champ stamp” that he regrets every day. Meanwhile, 38 percent believe the thing he regrets most is falling in love online.

As any Catfish fan knows, it was Nev’s own story twisted cyber-romance that inspired the MTV reality series. And while we’re sure he regretted falling for someone he never met at some point in his life, we doubt he’s thinking about it every day. After all, it spawned a hit documentary and a television series that’s now in its third season. Not too shabby, Nev!

Despite his champ stamp regret, there is one thing Nev says he’ll never think twice about: shaving his chest! While 12 percent of Viggle LIVE! users think Nev regrets his decision not to shave his chest hair, that couldn’t be further from the truth! In reality, Nev is very proud of his burly pecs.

Did you get this one right, Catfish fans? Sound off in the comments! And don’t forget to play along next Wednesday using your Viggle app for a chance to win real rewards. Get the FREE download below and start racking up those points!

06.20.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Crystal Bell
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