Catherine Giudici Calls Out Which Celeb for Predicting SeanCat Break Up?
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Catherine Giudici Calls Out Which Celeb for Predicting SeanCat Break Up?

Eat crow, American Pie boy! Eat it slow, with tears falling from your sad, shamed little eyes.

Catherine Giudici has been holding a secret grudge against actor Jason Biggs for six months. Why? On March 11 — the night Sean Lowe’s The Bachelor Season 17 finale aired — Jason tweeted, "Ok, pretty clear that he chooses Catherine. Kidding aside-six months, they're broken up. F--king joke. #TheBachelor #TierrasForeheadHole #LA."

First of all, isn't it funny how many celebs (especially 30-something guys) watch The Bachelor? Second, WRONG, pal!

It's now September 11 — which is a big day for much more important reasons than Catherine’s Bachelor revenge, but still — and Cat just re-tweeted Jason's breakup prediction, adding, "Not that I've been waiting to tweet this for 6 months or anything..." She copied both Jason and Sean on her gotcha burn.

J.P. Rosenbaum, who married his Season 7 The Bachelorette lady, Ashley Hebert, asked Catherine, "is today the 6 month mark?" Cat replied, including both Jason and Sean, "of being announced, yeah. Little do they know, I took his tweet as a challenge. So joke is on Sean :)" Double zing! She'll be here all week, kids. Actually, she just moved to Sean's hometown of Dallas, so if she wanted to just hit the six-month mark and run she probably wouldn't have uprooted her whole life. RIGHT, JASON?

SeanCat has actually been together for a lot longer than six months, since that's just the day the finale aired, and their love story started a few months before that. So, Jason owes this couple an apology — and some free pie. He probably gets plenty. To be fair, though, he was probably right with whatever breakup date he predicted for Emily Maynard and Jef Holm.

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