Is Sean Lowe Nervous About First-Time Sex? “Who Knows How Long” It’ll Last
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Sean Lowe

Is Sean Lowe Nervous About First-Time Sex? “Who Knows How Long” It’ll Last

They (who the heck was that, anyway?) say that honesty is the best quality, but maybe not always, if we’re talking about Sean Lowe. The Season 17 Bachelor, who is tying the knot to Catherine Giudici this Sunday, appeared on Extra with host Mario Lopez, and he was awfully candid for a guy who hasn’t had sex with his fiancee.

The Texas man is famously a “reclaimed” virgin, saving up his swimmers and not going all the way with Catherine until their wedding night on January 26. Naturally, Mario was dying to know if he’s nervous about putting out for the first time. What if it’s not all it’s cracked up to be?

“The first time… who knows how long it's going to happen,” Sean said, referring to his first stop in the consummation station. “[B]ut, give me 15 minutes, I'll give it another shot.” Uh, OK, buddy. That’s a lot of precise information, especially considering they told Jimmy Kimmel last night that they’d probably last fifteen minutes after the ceremony before they hopped on over to the Honeymoon Suite to get their freak on. By our calculations, that means we can expect them to be gone for… Never mind, that’s too much for us to deal with right now.

Catherine has been waiting patiently for the moment, and isn’t worried about what’s going to happen when they can finally get down. “He’s a gentleman,” she told the pro-host. For now, lady. After all, we saw Sean picking out lingerie for the big night, and it looked like he barely made it down the street after all that stimulation.

Do you think it’s getting to the overshare side of things with Sean and Catherine, or are you enjoying the anticipation along with them?

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