Catherine Giudici Hints At Sean Lowe’s Bad-Boy Past!
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Catherine Giudici Hints At Sean Lowe’s Bad-Boy Past!

Bachelor 17 Sean Lowe and Catherine Guidici fell in love on national television, but they barely got to know each other while on camera. Sure, Sean and Catherine shared a few romantic makeout sessions with a herd of elephants, but this Texan hunk was sort of busy dating, like, 25 other women. He didn't exactly have a chance to give Cathy his undivided attention!

Luckily, these two are making up for lost time now that they're no longer filming a reality TV show! Despite the fact that their visits are in no way conjugal (need we remind you of the fact that The Man Upstairs reclaimed Sean's virginity?), Catherine and Sean are closer than ever, and spend most of their free time bonding up a storm.

The latest revelation to come from their real-talk? Catherine found out a shocking secret about her future hubby while sharing stories about their college days!

"Trading stories about college road trips," Catherine tweeted on July 2. "I've learned my boy was one helluva rebel."

Pics or it didn't happen, Catherine. We're having a hard time believing that Sean was ever anything but a golden boy. He practically walks on water. And he's literally this close to turning said water into Envolve Wine.

Then again, who knows what Sean got up to in his formative armadillo-eating years. Like James Deen, he seems to be a rebel without a cause.

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