Catherine Giudici Jealous of Desiree Hartsock Over WHAT Silly Thing?
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Catherine Giudici Jealous of Desiree Hartsock Over WHAT Silly Thing?

Now, now, girls, you both won the game, okay? So, why is Catherine Giudici getting all bummerville on Desiree Hartsock and her Bachelorette Season 9 fiance Chris Siegfried? Sports, guys. SPORTS.

Got 2 tickets to our game for new Seattlites Desiree & Chris... Who can help connect us?? @DesHartsock @ChrisRSiegfried” Seattle Seahawks football coach Pete Carroll tweeted on August 16. Des just moved to Seattle with Chris last weekend, and they’re pretty stoked about being here. How cool is it that the football coach is aware of their existence? Like 10/10 cool, unless you’re Catherine.

@PeteCarroll what about an evergreen Seahawks fan?! @SeanLowe09,” Seattle native Catherine interrobanged back. Apparently someone is pissed that she never got the same offer after her The Bachelor Season 17 stint. Um, Cathy? That’s cuz you left the 206 for shinier pastures... just saying. And besides, it’s just an exhibition game.

Former pro baseball player Chris was thrilled by the offer, responding “Go Seahawks! Very excited and thankful for the opportunity. @PeteCarroll #12man @DesHartsock.” Later, Chris confirmed his sheer non-rhyming (lame) joy at Desiree’s presence in the Evergreen (sorry Catherine) State, “That excitement you feel when you get to spend your first full weekend in your hometown with the love of your life! @DesHartsock #Seattle.”

Do you think Catherine is mad Des is getting special treatment on her own turf?

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08.16.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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