Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici Talk Kids: When and How Many?
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Sean Lowe

Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici Talk Kids: When and How Many?

If we have our clock set right for The Bachelor Season 17 power couple Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici, they should be having babies abouuuuut October 26, 2014. Why that date? Oh, because that’s exactly nine months after their January 26, 2014 wedding. But while that quick turn around seems like it would fall right in line with how quickly the rest of their relationship has gone, it’s not what the pair has in mind, exactly.

In fact, it seems like we’ll have to be on bump watch for quite a long time before SeanCat gives us anything to look at. “We want to enjoy being married and be just the two of us,” Sean told OK! (via RadarOnline) while the couple was hanging in New York City a couple weeks ago. “That would allow us to travel and do different things.”

Right, “different things” means what exactly, in this context? Well, nevermind the vagueness at the moment, y’all, cuz we know Sean is super busy planning the last details of his wedding. But we get it. After traveling to Montana, Canada, Thailand, and the like with Catherine and a bunch of other chicklettes on The Bachelor, the two should get to take a vacation that isn’t work-related — or populated by other girls trying to kiss him — before they decide to pop out some little ones.

And as for how many that is? Well, it’s up for discussion. “She’s been throwing out big numbers!” Sean reveals of Catherine, who added that she wants five kids.

FIVE! “At first, when we started talking, I said ‘Oh, babies can wait,’” the Seattle native turned Dallas homegirl says of the bunning of her oven. “But the number of babies I want keeps growing. We have to start earlier if we’re going to have five.”

If their child-bearing moves as fast as their relationship did, we’ll be seeing five kids in approximately… well, we’ll be watching out for ‘em.

Source: OK! via RadarOnline

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