Catherine Giudici Packs Her Things and Goes! Where?
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Catherine Giudici Packs Her Things and Goes! Where?

Catherine Giudici is packing her things and getting out of dodge. But don’t worry, y’all, the Bachelor Season 17 winner isn’t breaking up with Sean Lowe over his excessive attractiveness, or telling LA to eat her dust. Rather, it looks like she’s in Seattle to gather up her goods, and head… where, exactly Cat?

“Me, Myself and I are not the most efficient moving buddies.” she tweeted on August 29, making us wonder about her on-the-go status. But whether she’s taking her dolls and duds out of her Seatown home and sending em to Los Angeles, where she’s currently living next door to Sean, or elsewhere is questionable.

The couple moved to Los Angeles right after their big reveal on The Bachelor Season 17 After the Final Rose so that Sean could be on Dancing With the Stars. But since that show ended a few months back, they’ve just been kicking it in the City of Angels. The plan, though, has always been to move to Sean’s Texas stomping grounds eventually. Is that time now?

We’re not sure, but it seems like Catherine is getting a lot more than she bargained for during her Pacific Northwest stop. She tweeted — presumably of the insanely hard downpour this AM — “I wanted a taste of Seattle but I got a whole buffet.”

Yeah, sorry about the weather, Catherine. We keep it interesting up in these parts, as the 206er likely remembers. And hey, while she’s in town, maybe she’ll hit up the Seahawks game with Chris and Des? They’re heading to one tonight, and Cat mentioned to Pete Carroll last week that she’d be happy to stop by, calling herself an “Evergreen fan.”

Hey, maybe she’ll enjoy her time up here so much, she’ll convince Sean to move on up to the Westside. To a deluxe apartment abutting the Bachelorette Season 9 couple… Now that would be a great reality show.

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