The Bachelor

Which Reality Show Couple Wears These Rings? Wow Check Out That Bling!

There are some people who think that an engagement ring, or even a wedding, shouldn’t be a big deal. They would have you believe that it’s the relationship that matters. And while we’re sure that’s a beautiful sentiment, sometimes we just want to drop our jaws over some fine jewelry. ;This couple likely feels the same way, as they showed off this sweet pic of themselves holding hands on their recent honeymoon, with an amazing view in the background.

Now, we’re sure their relationship is gorgeous — we watched it develop from the first moment they met. But with all the champagne and sunsets and palm trees beyond, we’re really only taking a look at that rose gold and diamond wonder the lady’s sporting on the right. Talk about #winning! She beat out a lot of babes to hold her man’s hand in paradise, and since meeting him in September 2012, she’s moved from her Seattle hometown. She even abstained until marriage!

It looks like it was all worth it, though, as she has been smiling her signature grin ever since she accepted a life with her guy. Do you know who this gorgeous couple is? We’d give you a hint, but we think the flowers laying on the deck in front of them are the best clue to who these babes are…

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