Catherine Giudici Says Sean Lowe Can’t Do WHAT?!
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Catherine Giudici Says Sean Lowe Can’t Do WHAT?!

The Bachelor Season 17 hot couple Sean Lowe and Catherine Guidici are so in love. In fact, they're even more in love than they were when Sean popped the question to Catherine in the mystical jungles of Thailand and they rode off into the sunset on that elephant. But unfortunately, there's trouble in paradise.

Don't worry, Sean and Catherine's elephant friend is still alive as far as we know (we totally don't know, ARE YOU OK, DUMBO?), but we've run into a slight snafu. Turns out Sean has no idea how to spell Catherine's name.

Well, to be fair he probably knows how to spell "Catherine," but "Giudici?" Not so much. "Sean Lowe, yes my fiancé, does not know how to pronounce nor spell my full name," Chatty Cathy tweeted on June 22.

Sean's response? "It's a tough spell."

Oh, Sean. Bless your achy breaky heart. We know Catherine's last name has a bunch of confusing "i"s, so we'll make things a little easier for you.

G — for gorgeous abs.

I — for "infection" (a common problem in Bachelor Mansion).

U — for "uterus" (where you shall bake your babies).

D — for "dogs" (because we know you love them).

I — for "Iffy" (how we feel about writing this list).

C — for "Catherine" (aka the name of your fiancée).

I — for "itchy" (how we feel when people swim in the Bachelor Mansion pool).

Get it? Got it? Good.

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