Catherine Giudici Takes Off Her Ring! — Are She and Sean Lowe Over?
Credit: Sean Lowe on Instagram    

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Catherine Giudici Takes Off Her Ring! — Are She and Sean Lowe Over?

Sean Lowe and Catherine Guidici got engaged over seven months ago, and the Bachelor 2013 couple has faced quite a few breakup rumors in that time. Let’s face it: Not very many Bachelor and Bachelorette couples make it. So when we first saw this photo of Catherine without her wedding ring, we admittedly freaked out a bit.

Then we did a bit of digging, and you know what? It turns out that everything is perfectly fine. (Audible sighs of relief abound.) Sean and Catherine do not appear to have broken up. The world has not stopped spinning. Life as we know it will still continue.

Yes, Catherine is not wearing her stunning $80,000 engagement ring in this photo. However, this photo is actually a still image from an Instagram video taken by Sean himself.

The video, posted by Sean on June 23, shows a ring-less Catherine, decked out in her swimsuit, in the middle of blowing up an inflatable pool raft. The couple’s dogs, Lola and Ellie, are seen enjoying the summer sunshine, and the video ends with Sean chillin’ in the pool.

Now, if he and Catherine had really broken up, would Sean be posting happy Instagram vids of the two of them playing around in a pool? We don’t think so. Much more likely, Catherine merely decided to remove her $80K+ chunk of bling so that it didn’t get lost or damaged in the pool. We sure as heck would do the same if we owned a piece of jewelry that valuable!

There you have it. There is no reason to freak out. All signs point to Sean and Catherine being as adorable and happily in love as ever.

Source: Sean Lowe on Instagram

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