Catherine Giudici

Catherine Giudici’s Throwback Pic Doesn’t Look AT ALL Like Her! (PHOTO)

The Catherine Giudici we know and love, the stunner who won Sean Lowe’s heart and is now just winning life in general came out of the womb, in our minds, perfect. The natural beauty has never had a bad hair day, has no clue what a pimple is, and has certainly never had to wear Spanx. Really, check out how flawless her skin is, how amazing her fashion sense, and how natural her glow.

While we spent high school pep rallies huddling beneath the bleachers with the burnouts and the dweebs (and reciting lines from The Breakfast Club), we imagine Cat’s high school pep rallies had one purpose and one purpose only: to celebrate the greatness of her. Big G, little O, go, Cat go! So it shocked the fanny pack off us when we came across this gem of a #TBT from what appears to be the mid ‘90s.

While the girl in the following photo is adorable and rocking out in a way we can totally get behind, she’s barely recognizable as today’s polished Cat. Think you could have picked her out of a line up? Check it out.