Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici’s Wedding Location Confirmed! Exclusive Details
Credit: ABC    
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Sean Lowe

Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici’s Wedding Location Confirmed! Exclusive Details

When we first heard that Sean Lowe and his Bachelor bride Catherine Giudici would be getting married in January, we were a little concerned. After all, why would she work her butt (literally) off to get svelte, only to get married in the freezing cold? Thankfully, there’s a little place called Santa Barbara that is the perfect setting for a winter wedding.

In October, a source confirmed exclusively to Wetpaint Entertainment that the January 26, 2014 nuptials would be going down in the sweet town of Santa Barbara, but we didn’t know where it would be until now. Swanky Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore sent out a press release boasting about luring the lucky couple to their luxurious hotel for the wedding.

“It’s a truly special place that has served as inspiration and fairytale wedding destination for thousands of brides and grooms over the decades,” general manager Karen Earp writes. “We are so happy to be the location for Sean and Catherine’s wedding celebration and honoured to forever be a part of their love story.”

Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici’s Wedding Location Confirmed! Exclusive Details
Credit: Four Seasons Resort Biltmore    

The wedding will air live on ABC on Sunday, January 26 at 8 p.m. ET/PT, and SeanCat are so excited they can hardly contain themselves. It seems the feeling was mutual, as the hotel was eager to scream it from its beautiful red-tiled rooftops — and we totally understand why. What an honor to play host to the happy ending of this made-on-TV love story!

But while the wedding will surely be gorgeous, a Bachelor insider says that there might be a few frowns among those involved, as the wedding location was supposed to be hush-hush until the show airs.

"Between ABC, Sean, and Catherine, I'm sure no one is pleased the hotel sent out a press release,” the source tells Wetpaint Entertainment exclusively. “The location is always supposed to remain confidential! Everyone went to great lengths to make sure the location of Ashley and JP's wedding didn't leak. The fact the hotel released it themselves is basically an invitation for helicopters and paparazzi. Would you want that on your wedding day?"

We totally get both sides — if we were the hotel, we’d want to tell everyone about the excitement, but we know how much Sean and Catherine love a good surprise. Oh well — at least we can now put a picture on our wedding day fantasies!

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