Catherine Guidici Gives Sean Lowe’s WHAT a Makeover?!
Credit: Catherine Giudici's Instagram    

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Catherine Guidici Gives Sean Lowe’s WHAT a Makeover?!

Catherine Guidici and Sean Lowe have been engaged for about six months now, and the Bachelor Season 17 couple couldn’t appear more in love. But here’s the thing about having a boyfriend (or a fiance). They can be cute. Hot, even. But sometimes, a guy needs a woman’s touch to reach his full potential.

Now, hold on a second, you might be saying. Catherine’s giving Sean a makeover? We’ve seen Sean. The man isn’t exactly screaming for a full-on wardrobe intervention. Sure, he could cut back on those deep Vs every once in a while. But for the most part? Da-yum.

Lucky for us, its not Sean’s physical appearance Catherine’s been working her makeover magic on — It’s his Twitter profile.

Catherine Guidici Gives Sean Lowe’s WHAT a Makeover?!
Credit: Sean Lowe on Twitter    

Cat just designed a brand new Twitter header image for her main man — it shows Catherine, Sean, and their two pups, Lola and Ellie — all photoshopped to be superheros. The pups get the honors of taking on the roles of Batman and Superman, while Catherine goes as Catwoman. Sean is Thor... naturally. You know what we mean — the man is practically a Nordic god already.

“Thank you @clmgiudici for my new twitter header,” Sean tweeted on June 24. “Now back to smashing things with my hammer.”

As you were, God of Thunder. Catherine, who’s using the same image as her Twitter header, wrote back, “@SeanLowe09, our family is super.”

Super quirky. Super hilarious. And we can’t get enough. Keep the fun photoshops coming, Catherine!

Source: Sean Lowe on Twitter