Sean Lowe Gushes About Catherine: “My Wife Is Hot and I’m in Love”
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Sean Lowe

Sean Lowe Gushes About Catherine: “My Wife Is Hot and I’m in Love”

The honeymoon may be over for Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici, but the Bachelor may be even more in love with his wife now than he was when he proposed to her almost a year and a half ago. In his latest blog post, instead of dishing inside details on the ABC show or writing one of his lengthy op-eds, Sean did something a little more personal: He gushed about his lady love.

In a seemingly out-of-nowhere post titled “Caught in Her Web” (and who really needs a reason when you’re head over heels for someone?), the hunky Texan waxed poetically about the history of their relationship, starting off with the moment when he realized Cat was the one.

"I guess it was right around the time we took a little trip to Thailand," Sean wrote. "Sure, there were two other girls on the trip, but something was settling in my heart about Catherine and I knew it was there to stay — I didn't want to say goodbye to her...ever." Sigh, can we have that?

Clearly those feelings have endured, as the the blonde buffster went on to praise Catherine as “sweet, kind, smokin' hot, goofy, caring, and funny." He also explained that he’d never felt this way about a woman before he met his future wife — waiting 29 years to want to “live my life for someone other than myself.”

"She had me stuck in her web of love and there was no getting out," Sean added.

OK, excuse us while we go sob quietly into our pillows. These two are almost too much to handle. Is this real life or the movies?! After seven months of marriage, they haven’t even edged into “annoyed”, but are still firmly in the honeymoon period, complete with lots of PDA.

"Sometimes I just feel like telling people how incredibly grateful I am for God's blessings in my life," the former Bachelor dished, "and Catherine is certainly at the top of the list.”

And to close things out on a high note, this is how the blog ends: “So in conclusion, my wife is hot and I'm in love."

Fair ‘nuff.

What do you think: Are Sean and Catherine totally adorbs or a little TMI? Sound off in the comments below.

Source: Sean Lowe’s blog