Sean and Catherine Lowe Launch Two New Businesses
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Sean Lowe

Sean and Catherine Lowe Launch Two New Businesses


Sean and Catherine Lowe might be tied up with 8-month-old son Samuel, but that doesn’t mean they’re slowing down on the job front!

In fact, the Bachelor Season 17 couple just launched not one but two new businesses, and did we mention they’re very different?

The first seems pretty natural for the pair, considering Catherine’s eye for design (as a graphic designer) and their admitted love for couch potato time.

Home by Sean & Catherine Lowe is now available on Wayfair, featuring an exclusive collection of eight sofas and arm chairs.

The pieces, which are only available for a few months, were apparently inspired by the Dallas-based duo’s super-sized sectional couch in their game room.

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Aside from that piece, the line features large, neutral-hued seats that’ll have you wanting to cuddle up with your own loved ones.

"We're all about family,” Sean explains. “At the end of the day, we want to cuddle up on the sofa and watch a movie.”

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He adds, “That's what really drew us to designing these big, beautiful pieces of furniture."

However, furniture isn’t the only thing the entrepreneurial/life partners are dipping their toes in.

There’s also debuting dating app Vouch, which the Bachelor and three friends just launched.

If it seems strange that a happily-married father would be getting involved in online dating, there’s a method to the madness.

Actually, the app itself is for those coupled-up people who have felt FOMO when their friends were partaking in “the joyous experience of swiping right or doing any of these other things you do on dating apps."

To preempt that, they created a tool that allows non-singles to help out their single friends!

As the press release explains, those on the dating scene nominate close friends, dubbed “vouchers,” to connect them with other singles — just like a blind date IRL!

When the dater and two of their vouchers agree on a person, they are considered a match and you can make moves from there.

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Plus, vouchers get to help make their single friends’ profiles! Sounds like fun to us — but hopefully you have some good friends.

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