Celebrities With Face Tattoos: Watch Out, It’ll Freeze That Way

As tattoos become more and more common, it becomes less and less exciting when one of our favorite celebs reveals some new ink — unless there's some crazy meaning behind it. But then there are face tattoos, which are always a big deal. Nothing will transform someone's look forever quite like the right (or wrong) face tattoo.

In honor of Rick Ross's brand-new "Rich Forever" tattoo joining his ever-growing collection, let's take a look at some other celebs who have inked up their faces. From Kat Von D's eye-framing constellation to Gucci Mane's now-infamous ice cream cone, let's take a look at some celebrity face transformations that have nothing to do with surgery.

Click through to see face tattoos from the Cyrus family, Wiz Khalifa, and more! Face tattoos: For a day or a lifetime. (Actually, it's just a lifetime.)